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The 7 Sacraments

Release Date: August 7, 2007
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Tell Me, What Is Your Name? (Sacrament of Baptism)

Tell Me, What is Your Name?

(Sacrament of Baptism)

Here, oh Lord,

in your presence now,

I rejoice the beginning

of my life in your grace,

light and love.

Here, oh Lord,

in your presence now,

I am part of you family,

member of Jesus Christ king,

priest and prophet.

Here is (John*)

and he asks himself,

“Why do they call me (John*)?”

Then the words are heard,

I baptize you (John*),

in the name of the Father,

in the name of the Son

and of the Holy Spirit.”

From that moment on,

I’ve known You called me (John*).

You cleansed my sins with the water

and purified my soul.

Your Spirit anointed me

with holy oil and chrism;

To tell me how

my destiny is sanctity as well;

“You, therefore, shall be perfect

 as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Mt 5,48

Here oh Lord,

in your presence now

I live my baptism.

I rejoice my faith

and say to my brothers,

“I am a son of God;

my name is (John*)

Tell me, what is your name?

As It Was in the Beginning (Sacrament of Matrimony)

As it Was in the Beginning

(Sacrament of Matrimony)

As it was… “In the beginning…”

Jesus said to us:

God created them for love”:

Man and woman,

only they were made

to his image and likeness.

God contemplated them and said:

“Be fruitful and multiply.”Gen 1,28

“Replenish the earth and subdue it.”

“God saw good in his creation.”Gen 1,28

Adam’s sin disturbed human nature.

Yet Jesus Redeemer restored the bond

between woman and man and raised it to a sacrament,

symbolof love and devotion for his Church.

Matrimony, indissoluble

holy sacrament,

gives the grace to love in unity.

Fidelity for the whole of life;

as Christ loved his Church.

Free consent that unifies love

between a man and a woman:

I take you… and promise to be true to you…

love and honor you… all the days of my life…”

Holy Sacrament intended

for love to be fruitful,

for the good of the spouses;

and their sanctification.

The Church celebrates this union, matrimony.

Its’ minister seals it in the name of God.

What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.”Mt 19,6

What If Jesus Looked Upon You? (Sacrament of Priesthood)

What If Jesus Looked Upon You? 

(Sacrament of Priesthood)

 What if Jesus looked upon you in a special loving way?

And to follow him he called you,

tell me …What would you say?

Jesus chose his apostles and gave them

a share in his mission and authority.

Christ, the high priest, unique mediator

between God and Man, to the Apostles said he:

                          “As the Father has sent me,”            Mark 16,15

this is how “I send you.” 

                     “He, who hears you, hears me.”        Mt 10,40

“He who receives you, receives me”

  He said unto them:

“Come follow me,

  I will make you fishers, fishers of men.”Mt 4, 18-23

  He promised them too:

“I am with you always until the end,”

 the end “of time.”Mt. 20,20

 The apostles elected legitimate successors

to continue the mission of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Holy Orders are three: episcopate, presbyterate and deaconate.

  Priesthood confers to those ordainedthe sacred power to perform

in the person of Jesus Christ and in the name of his Holy Church.

An indelible seal was also imprinted,

the mark of Christ remains permanently.

By the grace of this sacrament the ordained receive

the vocation and mission for eternity.

You are a priest forever for the service of the People of God;

to teach and give pastoral governance and celebrate the divine worship.

Jesus said: “Feed my sheep”

Sublime is the mission, but so says the Lord:

“the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few”

“pray to the Lord of the harvest, that he sends laborers to his harvest”Lc10,2

Through This Holy Anointing (Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick)

Through this Holy Anointing

(Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick)

Here as I lay, in times of trial and pain.

In times of anguish and of despair, Oh Lord, I invoke your name.

It’s the trial of old age or grave illness, you see, which makes me feel so weak.

Yet, I want to embrace the beauty of my journey, the greatness of your love.

I turn my face to you, Jesus.  Physician of all souls!

You’ve the power to heal my body and soul as well.

My brothers have called the priest of the Church

as your apostle attested. Jas.5,14

He will anoint my forehead and hands with blessed oil.

In your Holy name, his hands he will lay upon me and pray:

Through this holy anointing, in his love and mercy, may the Lord help you

with the grace of the Holy Spirit, free you from your sins,

 comfort you in your illness,

 save you and raise you up!

All the faith of the Church, prays for me, dear Lord.

But, if it be your will, then I will be healed, my Lord.

Yet, if the time has come for me to part,

Then this holy anointing will prepare me to meet you, God.

Oh! Beloved Jesus!

You give my life new meaning and the strength to endure

As I suffer with You, for the People of God.

The greatest consoler, your Holy Spirit, renews my faith!

He removes discouragement and temptation of dismay.

He delivers me from fear of death.

A Brand New Heart (Sacrament of Reconciliation and Penance)

A Brand New Heart

(Sacrament of Reconciliation and Penance)

My Lord, You know it all! You know how much I love you!

And your merciful love reveals your look and my offense.

Your heart speaks to me. Your voice calls unto me.

And your love reveals the truth in your word:

The time is fulfilled and the Kingdom of God is at hand;

repent and believe in the gospel.”Mc. 1,15

I sinned and I ruptured communion with you and your Church.

I mistreated my brothers again, and again, I nailed you to the cross.Heb 6,6

Yet, your Holy Spirit makes reconciliation a possibility;

and He creates a brand new heart in me.

Now, repented for the pain I caused you Lord,

I am determined to change my life and sin no more!

To a priest I now confess, and my sins they are absolved;

In the name of the Father, Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Only God can forgive sins. Yet, he confers to his Church

the power to do so in his name.

“The sins you forgive, they shall be forgiven.

The sins you retain, shall be retained.”Jn. 20,23

Forever grateful, My Lord I will fulfill my penance.

Jesus I’ll follow you! You know how much I love you!

Yes, your Holy Spirit makes reconciliation a possibility!

And He creates a brand new heart in me.

Now, repented for the pain I caused you Lord,

I am determined to change my life and sin no more!

Mystery of Love (Sacrament of the Eucharist)

Mystery of Love

(Sacrament of the Eucharist)

 Deep from within his heart, Good News I bring to you!

Deep from within his heart I sing this song to you!

“I am the living bread from heaven: Jn. 6,48

 who eats my flesh and drinks my blood  will live forever”

“And I will raise him up” on the last day. Jn. 6,54

Breaking of the Bread, The Lord’s Supper, Sacred Mysteries, Holy Sacrifice

Eucharist, Holy Communion with God the Father, Holy Spirit and Christ

A solemn celebration of love amongst brothers, Jesus wants it to be.

We must love one another, as He’s loved you and me.

Jesus Christ came to stay and live amongst us;

“Take this and eat it this is my body…Mt 26, 26

Take this and drink it this is my blood…

poured out for the forgiveness of sins” Mt 26,28

 “Truly I say to you…” “Do this in memory of me” Lc  22, 19

Pour out Your Spirit (Sacrament of Confirmation)

Pour Out Your Spirit

(Sacrament of Confirmation)

 You oh Lord! Dear Father!

You marked me with an indelible

seal in my baptism.

Then your love grew deep in me.

And because of this I seek you.

Infuse Dear Father your Spirit unto me.

So, He can complete the task you so lovingly started.

Pour out your Spirit over me.

Your Spirit will enforce my bond with Jesus

and with his Church, the Church, your gift to me as family.

And only then, with your grace,

I’ll cry out Father, Abba! Father!

This will happen on the special day

when your sacred minister anoints me with the chrism

and traces my forehead with the Sign of the Cross.

As he lays his hands over me

these sacred words he pronounces:

 “be sealed with the gift

of the Holy Spirit.”

 My fears and anguish your Spirit will remove

and fill my heart with gladness.

And he will give me: wisdom, understanding,

knowledge, courage, reverence and right judgment.

And Holy fear in the presence of Our Lord.

I will fulfill my mission to be a witness

to the Passion of Christ, his death on the cross

and his resurrection!

 2007 Press Release

Up-and-coming Catholic artist, JoEmma Danini, recently recorded the first musical rendition of the Sacraments geared for adults and young adults.  The album seeks to provide a deeper understanding of the Sacraments through precise Catholic doctrine and delightful music and voice.  Each Sacrament is presented as a prayer-song developed from scripture and catechism, which makes this album a much needed resource for religious formation, evangelical outreach, and overall family enjoyment.

The albums, titled “The 7 Sacraments” and “Los 7 Sacramentos,” have received heartfelt and enthusiastic reviews.  Pete Remmert, Executive Director of Catholic Television of San Antonio, states, “I was captivated by it.  It is musically very interesting, well produced, wonderfully performed, and I love the concept of building an entire musical project around the Sacraments.”  Rev. Fr. Terrence Gorski adds, “I must say that these are some of the most beautiful and thorough presentations on each of the Sacraments that I have ever heard.”  The artist uses music to bring to life the grace bestowed through the Sacraments.

JoEmma Danini currently resides in Miami and is a parishioner at St. Francis de Sales, where she is grateful to serve The Lord through her music ministry.  Her album is available through EWTN’s music website: and increasingly at local Parish bookstores and gift shops.  Music excerpts and lyrics are available through her website:

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with JoEmma, please call Miguel Santos at (956) 878-9561 or email: